Sioui Mitts Law brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the following areas:

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  • Family Law

    At Sioui Mitts Law we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible resolution in expertly dealing with all issues arising from cohabitation, marriage and separation. We recognize that individuals are faced with extreme emotional strain in the context
    of dealing with such issues and we therefore strive to obtain the best results after careful consideration of the law and its application to the unique fact situation existing with each client. Invariably, we explore all reasonable possibilities of a negotiated settlement. However, we have experience and expertise to effectively advocate our client's position in the context of contested litigation.


    In our Family Law practice we have extensive experience in all areas of family law including:


    - Cohabitation and Marriage Contracts

    - Separation Agreements

    - Custody and Access matters

    - Child and Spousal Support matters

    - Property Division matters

    - Divorce applications

    - Step-parent or Relative Adoption applications

  • Civil Litigation

    At Sioui Mitts Law we possess experience in a wide variety of civil litigation matters including contractual disputes, estate litigation, personal injury, property disputes, disability claims and other general civil disputes. We emphasize results oriented strategies through professional strength, integrity and teamwork. Our lawyers have significant experience at the Superior Court of Justice, Administrative Tribunals, Mediation and Arbitration hearings.

  • Employment Law

    At Sioui Mitts Law we provide legal advice on a wide variety of issues arising from employment relations and conflict, including employment contracts, termination of employees, human rights complaints and interpretation of the Employment Standards Act.

  • Real Estate Law

    At Sioui Mitts Law we draw on our vast experience to provide advice and solutions in the many different areas that encompass real estate law, from buying your first home to subdivision development.


    Our Real Estate Law practice includes:


    - Residential and Commercial Purchases, Sales and Refinances

    - Commercial Leasing

    - Landlord and Tenant Law

    - Residential and Commercial Land Development

    - Severance Applications

    - Rezoning and Minor Variance

    - Property boundary, title and ownership disputes

    - Mortgage Enforcement proceedings

  • Business Law

    At Sioui Mitts Law we understand the challenges facing small, medium and large size business and utilize our expertise to provide practical and effective advice.


    Our Business Law practice includes:


    - Business Creation – Incorporation, partnership and shareholder agreements

    - Business Reorganization

    - Sales, Mergers and Acquisitions

    - Tax and Business Succession advice

    - Non-Profit and Charitable organizations

    - Commercial Contracts and negotiations

    - Commercial Litigation


  • Wills & Estate Planning

    At Sioui Mitts Law we understand the weight and importance of the decisions you make with respect to arranging your affairs and we are pleased to offer our services to help make this process easier to understand and to help ensure that your wishes are validly reflected in the legal documents prepared.


    Our Wills and Estate Planning practice includes:


    - Will drafting and updating

    - Powers of Attorney for financial matters and personal care

    - Living Wills

    - Tax and Estate Planning advice

    - Use of Family, Inter-vivos or Testamentary Trusts


    Our Estates Administration practice includes:


    - Advising Executors or Administrators regarding estate administration

    - Probate Applications

    - Estate Litigation

    - Estate Accounting


  • Land Use Planning Law

    At Sioui Mitts Law we can assist with the most complex aspects of land development related issues with the municipality and Ontario Municipal Board.


    Our Land Use Planning Law practice includes:


    - Official Plan and Zoning By-Law Amendments

    - Severance Applications

    - Minor Variance Application

    - Subdivision and Site Plan approvals

    - Ontario Municipal Board Hearings

  • Criminal Law

    We provide expert legal advice in the area of criminal law and successfully defend and protect the rights of individuals including young offenders facing criminal and quasi-criminal charges in the Ontario courts such as:


    - Assault including domestic assault

    - Weapons Offences

    - Impaired driving

    - Speeding

    - Break and enter

    - Robbery

    - Shoplifting

    - Fraud

    - Trafficking

    - Threatening death

    - Failure to comply with bail and/or probation

    - Sex Assault & Sexual Interference

    - Possession of Child Pornography


    We skilfully represent individuals from the earliest stages of the criminal process including even before a charge is laid through to trial. We are always committed to client service, professionalism, and effective advocacy.


    All our cases receive the attention necessary to ensure a successful outcome for the client. Our services will make the difference so that you stay out of jail and avoid a criminal record.

Sioui Mitts Law brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the following areas: